Welcome The Lunar New Year With Exquisite Delights From Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives

Welcome The Lunar New Year With Exquisite Delights From Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives

Thursday 29th of December 2022

The Chinese New Year is upon us and for the first time in two years, the Chinese International borders will open for travellers to celebrate the new year in the Maldives. This year, the lunar calendar begins on January 22nd and Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives has whipped up a special itinerary of commemorations to mark the day including fun-filled activities for kids and bespoke accommodation packages. According to Chinese tradition, each new year is signified by one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and 2023 happens to be the Year of the Rabbit- a symbol of good fortune, courage and kindness.

The highlight of the Lunar New Year is the extravagant feasting which is a hallmark aspect of the celebrations throughout the Asian continent. At Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives, traditional gastronomy will be right up the alley with a buffet spread of favourites available on the 21st of January at Kandooma Café. The lavish buffet dinner will feature dishes such as ‘Happiness throughout the Year’ made of crispy fried pawns with garlic crumbs, ‘Surplus Year After Year’ constituting sweet and sour fish and ‘Prosperity and Progress’ comprising of crispy roasted pork belly and roast duck alongside international culinary offerings.

Adding to these gustatory delights is an exclusive Hot Pot set menu promotion, where guests can dig into sumptuous single clay pot meals every day, throughout the new year. The promotion will take place at the beachfront a la carte restaurant, The Kitchen at a price of US$ 150+ per person. The Hot Pot is a popular indulgence during the lunar new year, where family and friends convene to mark a prosperous new year and is widely recognized as a symbol of family unity.

The Kandooma Maldives’ Hot Pot set menu comes with a choice of three broth bases; spicy Sichuan, hot and sour Tom Yum and Mushroom served alongside a selection of additions including prawns, calamari, fish, chicken, beef and pork belly. Vegetables make a debut as well such as bak choy, Chinese cabbage, Shitake mushrooms, wood mushrooms and potato. The dish is topped off with a pick of Homemade spicy sauce or Supreme soya sauce.

Additionally, a complimentary Dumpling Masterclass will be hosted at The Kitchen on Sunday, 22nd January where guests can create their own samples and enjoy them with creations by the culinary team. Commemorative drinks will also be concocted at the bars and Kandooma Café’ during the lunar new year such as ‘Buzzed Rabbit’ a in-based cocktail and ‘Fuzzy Rabbit’ a mixed fruit juice mocktail among the exotic lineups.

Little guests on the island have much to look forward to too with many engaging activities for them. This includes Rabbit themed sandcastle-making and face painting, Lion mask-making and much more. Furthermore, staying true to Lunar New Year tradition, all guests at the resort will receive bright red packets called “Hóngbāo “containing a surprise, well wishes and good luck for the new year.

From 21st January to 9th February 2023, guests can book the Lunar New Year Room packages and enjoy a myriad of perks with rates starting at US$ 1,608.