What is Your Choice of Coffee Up In The Air?

What is Your Choice of Coffee Up In The Air?

Thursday 30th of September 2021

Flying onboard Emirates in First and Business class is no less than an experience even for the regulars. Passengers onboard can now look forward to a refreshing brew with the newly introduced cold coffee choices on the menu. The busiest cafe at 40,000 feet serves up to 28 million cups of coffee in an average year across its global network. That is a whole lot of coffee!

Revealed just before World Coffee Day, Emirates has introduced the classic iced Americano and the slightly more decadent Affogato to its coffee menu. Affogato is a popular Italian coffee-based dessert made by pouring a shot of hot espresso over vanilla ice cream. 

Coffee is an evergreen beverage choice onboard Emirates. Passengers often order a coffee when they need a pick-me-up during their flight, as a finishing beverage to their fine meal, or as an accompaniment to their cookies and snacks while enjoying a movie or other programmes on one of Emirates’ 4,500 channels on ice. How do you enjoy your brew up in the air?

The rich and flavorful fresh brews served up for Business and First class passengers on Emirates includes espresso, cappuccino and decaffeinated options. The many aromatic and flavorful blends create a choice profile suitable for various tastes, including the exclusive offering of  Emirates’ iconic Arabic coffee service paired with a luxury selection of fine dates for the First class passengers.