Whatever, Whenever, Wherever You Want It! The House Masters @ The Nautilus Is Here For YOU!

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever You Want It! The House Masters @ The Nautilus Is Here For YOU!

Monday 22nd of November 2021

The Nautilus Maldives have House Masters for each house/residence, taking the guests bespoke journey to a whole new level. The dedicated Super-Host is trained for your every need to make sure your journey in Maldives is beyond your expectations! Have a look at a few perks the House Master/ Butler comes with to ensure your happiness is lasted throughout the vacation.

They are a dedicated contact and are on-call anytime. They have no set of working hours, which means they are available throughout your day and night. They are your go-to connection to anything you prefer and anything you would like to know of. They get to know you better over the course of your vacation, learning about your wants and preferences, and eventually exceeding your hospitality expectations.

They prepare ahead with careful and considered preparations. Once you’ve booked your accommodation, you can expect your House Master to reach out to inquire about your particular preferences, dream activities, concerns and dislikes, to begin crafting a tailored escape for you and your loved ones. Your house or residence will be ready for you when you arrive, with your favorite drinks in the minibar, premium bath soaps, your favorite novels, newspapers, or magazines, and the appropriate temperature for your infinity pool. You'll be greeted with a list of once-in-a-lifetime recommendations and ideas on how to spend your sunny days, balmy evenings, and every lingering moment in between.

They give you the out-of-the-world thoughtful details to grand gestures! It all begins with the small touches, such as the details that greet you to your lodging and the exact food and drink in the fridge. Naturally, this level of care is also vital when it comes to achieving your more significant vacation goals, such as skydiving over our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or proposing to your soulmate on a dreamy and secluded sandbank!

Island-style maxim at The Nautilus is 'Time Stands Still.' Freedom from schedules and routines, from the demands of the clock and hectic lives, is, after all, one of life's privileges. In order to give you this freedom in a practical sense, your House Master adjusts to your schedule; their working day is tailored to your preferences, so you may relax and enjoy your vacation at your leisure. Whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want it; whether you want breakfast for dinner or a midnight massage, if you need a remote office setup with an unrivaled view, your House Master is happy to serve you. There is no such thing as an unexpected or a badly timed request!

Because the Nautilus provides a personalized service, they can accommodate every generation of your family. The blissful haven is a safe, ideal place for a family holiday or reunion with relatives, with a magnificent choice of activities and diversions waiting to entice each age group. From customized kids’ programs that encourage curiosity, learning and discovery of our unique natural environment; to teen-appropriate sports like stand-up paddle boarding. For the more mature guests, indulgences such as Solasta Spa treatments or impromptu ocean escapes are sure to satisfy. And to make your getaway extra peaceful, you are welcome to enjoy some alone time while you entrust your children to our professional babysitters.

Can it get any better? Seriously.