Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me But Not Them?

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me But Not Them?

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me But Not Them?

Did you notice how some people are so lucky they are ignored by mosquitoes while the others are having the battle of their lives? "There is no question that some individuals are more attractive to mosquitoes due to chemicals they secrete from their skin and from their particular skin flora," says entomologist Joseph M. Conlon.

• Pregnancy

Female mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and a study published in The Lancet found that women in the later stages of pregnancy (with a mean gestational age of 28 weeks) exhale 21% more CO2 than their non-pregnant peers.

• Sweaty

Lactic acid, a byproduct of vigorous physical activity that's excreted through sweat, is "indeed an attractant" for mosquitoes, according to Conlon. If you're sweating profusely, your higher body temperature may play a role too. Warmth becomes more attractive as mosquitoes approach a potential host.

• Type O Blood