Widen Your Appetites With Ayada Maldives’ Gastronomical Lineup

Widen Your Appetites With Ayada Maldives’ Gastronomical Lineup

Sunday 8th of January 2023

Nestled on the southern rim of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Ayada Maldives is a luxurious resort featuring a stunning house reef. One of the winning aspects of this opulent property is the opportunity to dine extravagantly in its eight enticing dining venues, each characterized by its own vibrant influence. The ultimate go-to to diversify the palates, Ayada Maldives promises an unrivalled gastronomical experience bringing both variety and authenticity to the table.

Ocean Breeze

Perched on the edge of the tiffany blue waters, the Ocean Breeze restaurant paves way for refreshing gales and radiant sunny glows to escape into this elegant dining space. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and features an appetizing menu for gourmets with a drool-worthy list of contemporary European dishes. Although seasonal alterations are brought to the menu from time to time, popular favourites such as grilled seafood, homemade pasta and polished steaks always manage to make the cut.


The chic Japanese-dining restaurant, Mizu includes an open-kitchen cooking station where sumptuous meals are cooked live in front of guests. In Japanese, “Teppanyaki’ can be separated into two words ‘Teppan’ meaning iron hot plate and ‘Yaki’ which translates to grill/fry. Mizu delivers these two components exactly topped with utmost precision, high-quality ingredients, and skillful culinary talents. The meals are complemented by a carefully chosen selection of sakes and wines, creating a dining ambience set against the Indian Ocean.


Conveying the flavours and cuisines of South-East and East Asia, Kai delights epicureans every evening with a decadent piece of Asia. Tucked away in the lush green foliage, diners can indulge in the freshest local seafood and classical specialties from China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. While imprinting the tastebuds with unforgettable delights guests can also find solace in the calming reflecting pools and Japanese-inspired architecture, strongly bringing back impressions of Oriental Asia.

Zero Degree

The refined poolside dining venue, Zero Degree restaurant caves into all the cravings of guests with its widespread menu of International dishes. Covering European, Asian and Middle Eastern plates, guests can choose to dine barefoot in the water or under the shade of a thatched roof. At night, the restaurant transforms into a social hub, with live music and exotic concoctions of cocktails keeping the rhythm flowing.


The buffet-themed restaurant is Ayada’s main dining area and features a daily rotating cuisine. Open for breakfast and dinner, guests staying at the resort can savour everything from Italian and Turkish to Latino and Maldivian throughout the week. Roast and International are also featured among the changing themes. Adding to this is an extensive list of vegetarian and vegan dishes, enjoyed in the tropical settings of Magu.

Sea Salt

For Barbeque lovers, Sea Salt caters for a feast of grilled juicy meats and smoked seafood. Exclusively open on Tuesdays at the Zero Degree beach. Guests can dig into mouthwatering bits of grilled delights here, with the scenic vistas of the ocean, powdery sand and gentle breezes to enhance the experience.

Ottoman Lounge

An extension of the Ottoman Empire, the lounge draws in the traditional Turkish teas complete with filigree silver service. Inspired by designs of quaint Turkish cafés, this outpost explored authentically brewed Turkish coffee and other specialty teas in a laid-back atmosphere. Aromatic shisha water pipes are also available to top off the culinary moment.

Ile De Joie

Sitting atop the cerulean lagoon, this small open-air cheese and wine bar is for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Housing an eclectic wine collection in its stellar wine cellar, connoisseurs can enjoy the rich tastes paired with hand-selected cheeses imported from abroad. A perfect place for post-dinner lounging, oenophiles will not be disappointed here.