Yay, Louise is Back in the Waters!

Yay, Louise is Back in the Waters!

Monday 7th of September 2020

Yay, Louise is Back in the Waters!

Poor old Louis! She was found back in January by marine biologists at Raa Atoll, where she presented signs of entanglement and had a recent amputation of her right front flipper. She also presented buoyancy syndrome – that means the poor thing couldn’t float as well as poor mobility on her left front flipper.

After a couple of months of rehabilitation and treatment this brave little turtle started diving after her food and soon enough, she was resting at the bottom of her pool using her 3 flippers! And henceforth, the brave little soldier was all ready to go back into her habitat and she flippered all the way to the blue waters.

The Marine Savers is just as the name says it – the superheroes of the ocean at Four Seasons Resort Maldives. The luxury resort takes sustainability very seriously and maintaining responsibility in nurturing the divine environment that Maldives is blessed with.

July was a month of turtle-saving for the Marine Savers, as its Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Landaa, closed the month of July with 5 rescue Olive Ridley patients plus the Kuda Huraa’s 6 Olive Ridleys, 5 Hawksbills and 1 Green. Most of these turtles were ones that were entangled in discarded fishing gear and that have drifted into Maldivian waters from overseas. Some of these turtles suffered from severe injuries and amputated flippers, just like Louis.


The Marine Savers are not only turtle rescuers, but are also involved in reef building projects, coral propagation and also the rescue and protection of various other forms of marine life. A huge salute to all these wonderful rescuers as they set an example on the importance of protecting the environment!

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