8 Water Villas in the Maldives that Will Inspire Your Next Getaway

8 Water Villas in the Maldives that Will Inspire Your Next Getaway

Monday 3rd of May 2021

When you hear the name, the Maldives, is its clear blue waters one of the first things that come to your mind? The unlimited sunshine days, powdery soft white beaches and a unique blend of tropical adventures that await you are what you sign up for when you head over to the string of pearls scattered on the Equator.

Luxe island lifestyle has defined holidaying in the Maldives for the longest time. It has proven time and again that the world class offerings are worth the hype. One of the most iconic Maldivian vacation highlights must be spending at least one night in a tropical cocoon suspended seamlessly above the crystal-clear lagoons protecting the islands - in a breathtaking water villa.

Here are 7 of the most magnificent water villas you can find across the multiple award-winning Crown and Champa properties in the Maldives. From ultra-luxurious water villas to eco-chic, contemporary bungalows perched right on top of the ocean, guests are guaranteed some of the best water villa experiences in the Maldives. Which one will you pick for your ultimate getaway?

1. Live in the lap of luxury at the Overwater Ocean Residence in Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Bring out the freedom of time, space and luxury in the thoughtfully decorated Ocean Residences at Kudadoo Maldives. With sustainability at the heart of the island, each villa is an environmentally conscious design enveloping sheer comfort and utmost privacy fused together with precious moments for you to indulge in. Accompanied by a personal butler at your service, each villa is complete with a 44 sqm gigantic infinity plunge pool for you to grasp the unmatched views in the horizon at your pleasure.

2. Seize the moment in an Ocean Pool Villa at Hurawalhi Maldives

Here to make your long lived over water villa fascination a reality, the awe-inspiring Ocean Pool Villa in the adults-only Hurawalhi Island Resort will sweep you off your feet at a glance. Gracefully sitting in the lagoon, the soothing sounds of gently lapping waters beneath your villa compliments the picture-perfect scenery outside every window. An elegant 132 sqm of space spans into a master bedroom, a rain shower in the bathroom, sundeck, stairways to a heavenly lagoon, and most importantly, a 27 sqm private plunge pool all to yourself!

3. Revive a sense of connection with nature at the Ocean Pool Villas in Kagi Maldives

The newest resort on the block, Kagi Maldives simply steals hearts. Its calling to arrive on an island so pure is resembled all throughout the offerings on the island, even to the floating ocean villas. Each secluded villa epitomizes a luxurious Maldivian lifestyle in the comfort of your own private pool over the ocean with panoramic views all around. 105 sqm of lightly aired space will allow you to indulge in the Maldivian sunshine and delight in the live aquarium before your very eyes.

4. Escape to the Ocean Jacuzzi Water Villa at Maldives’ Leading adults-only resort

Spectacular is not enough to describe the beauty of a large, luxurious and romantic ocean villa at Komandoo Maldives. Find a slice of utopia when you choose your romantic getaway to the blissful Maldives as you enjoy a nice bath in your own Jacuzzi, spa bath whilst gazing out over horizon where the azure waters meet sapphire-coloured skies. Days here will be spent resting your eyes on the sparkling sea while sipping on a glass of champagne and take delight in having an abundance of sea at your doorstep!

5. A secluded getaway in Jacuzzi water villas of Veligandu Maldives

Welcome to an authentic taste into Maldivian paradisiac living. A spacious 86 sqm dotted on the lagoon, the Jacuzzi Villa features a private open-air Jacuzzi. The idyllic resort offers limitless skies above, an infinite lagoon right off the sundeck of your deck and on a romantic note, moments of indulgence under the stars in a luxurious whirlpool.

6. Just simple be in a Jacuzzi Water Villa at Meeru Island Resort

Popular as one of the most ideal holiday spots in the Maldives, Meeru Island resort is a palm-fringed escape loved for its casual, relaxed atmosphere in a natural setting, whether on a family vacation or an intimate island gateway. The Jacuzzi water villa amidst the sparkling lagoon is a short walk along the jetty leading on to the villa. A larger bedroom, wood floor, espresso machine, a spacious bathroom, a private walled-in outdoor area featuring a Jacuzzi for two “under the stars”, these are just a few features of this private and comfy cocoon. It also has a wooden sundeck with chaise lounges, a shaded area, tropical plants, a private sundeck with stairs into the sea and the most magnificent views of all.

7. Express your love for the ocean in a Jacuzzi Water Villa at Vilamendhoo

Near and far, Vilamendhoo Island Resort shines in the true colors of the Maldives all around. Home to one of the best house reefs in an island, Vilamendhoo’s rich waters attract sea-lovers from around the world to come and mingle with the countless marine life thriving in its waters. Leading up from the very sea, you can find your heavenly slumber of a Jacuzzi Water Villa made solely for adventure seekers. The brilliant design translates your love for the ocean in the soft sea colors, simple furnishing and luxe amenities.

8. The perfectly located Sangu Water Villas at Kuredu Maldives

Kuredu Maldives surpasses your expectations in every single manner with its apex of spectacular design in the Sangu Water Villas built on the crystalline lagoon of the island. This enchanting haven is a romantic retreat built on wooden stilts and connected by a walkway. The Sangu Water Villas feature a secluded veranda, perfect for breezy sunbathing and admiring crimson sunsets. The astonishing villa provides unrivalled hotel experiences and not only does it enchant with their in-room features, but also with them being entrenched at what is often considered one of the Maldives’ most jaw-dropping stretches of silky sand.