A Blissful Getaway Awaits At Araamu Spa in Paradise Island Resort

A Blissful Getaway Awaits At Araamu Spa in Paradise Island Resort

Monday 12th of December 2022

With glistening waters and white tipped islands forming the background of your stay, it is no surprise that you would feel instantly at ease in the paradise. It is not only the calming nature of the destination that makes it a well-worth staycation but guests can tap into the ultimate realm of bliss by indulging in a rejuvenating spa treatment. At Paradise Island Resort, the exquisite Araamu Spa brings guests a plethora of tailored treatments and spa facilities that are sure to elevate your vacation by lengths!

The Araamu Spa is home to contemporary and state-of-the-art facilities and houses a sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi set within the green foliage of the island. The serene ambience of the spa exudes a relaxing vibe with the pleasant fragrance of tropical gardens permeating through the atmosphere and the cool breeze of the swaying coconut palms above. This subconsciously sets the mood to a heavenly time in the spa, nourishing the mind and body and soothing the soul in the process.

Araamu in the local tongue refers to a state of total relaxation by pampering the senses to blissful obliviation. The Araamu Spa holds the exact same promise with spa treatments curated to unwind and relax guests to that state. Highly trained and experienced spa therapists will work their magic on guests, massaging and relaxing the muscles in the tranquil treatment pavilions. Guests can indulge in a deep tissue Swedish massage to relieve the stress or opt for a refreshing bathing ceremony. For a holiday glow like no other, guests are also recommended to try the deep cleansing facial for a fresh look in the sunny isles.

The products used in the spa are made up of local ingredients including famed plants and herbs with long-established healing properties. This includes the indigenous national fruit, coconut and the national flower, pink rose along with lemons and papayas which are frequently cultivated and harvested in the Maldives. Incorporating these natural ingredients into therapies, Araamu Spa balances the physical, mental and spiritual body by pampering all the senses through the spa ambiences, natural music, sensing aroma and the experienced touch to create the ultimate wellness journey.

Some of the signature massages of the Spa include:

Vibrancy restoration massage & calming body scrub: an energetic deep tissue massage that alleviates tension and relaxes muscles are followed by a body scrub comprising sea salt and a fusion of essential oils.

Youthful magic facial & back massage: designed to cleanse, tone and moisture the skin, the facial utilizes natural ingredients with known anti-ageing properties before concluding with a relaxing back massage.

Sports massage & reflexology: the sports massage relieves sore and aching muscles while the reflexology treatment targets pressure points on hands and feet to promote general wellbeing.

Sarawak massage & mini facial: an invigorating deep tissue massage aims to restore balance to mind and body using Indonesian techniques, followed by a mini facial treatment.