Have A Look Into These Dining Experiences at Soneva Jani

Have A Look Into These Dining Experiences at Soneva Jani

Monday 12th of December 2022

Enclosed by the turquoise waters and beautiful villas, Soneva Jani brings out the best aspects of nature at its shores. Owing to this, this Soneva property offers some of the most unique dining experiences, each characterized by its own set of features that makes every individual one an unforgettable moment. Let’s have a look into some of these bespoke dining destinations.

So Starstruck Astronomy Dinner

The night sky of the Maldives is equally as magnificent as the shimmering oceans under the sun. With hundreds and thousands of stars visible during the late hours and the charming moon rising high in the night, Maldives can be an amazing place for star gazing and astronomy.

Catering to this, Soneva Jani brings the Bond-inspired observatory where a star-lit dining experience can be indulged. An astronomer will be taking guests on a journey of the celestial world and beyond using a 16” telescope located at the place. Here guests can see, be marveled and gain a lot of valuable knowledge and insight about stars while enjoying a decadent meal.

Private Cinema Paradiso

What better way to catch a movie than with the Indian Ocean as a background. The Cinema Paradiso experience redefines the cinema experience by providing guests with the chance to enjoy their classics and modern favourites against a scenic landscape. Perfect for a laid-back experience, a designated menu of comfort food and nibbles will be available throughout the screening while popular cinema snacks such as popcorn, ice-cream and cocktails will greatly add-value to the whole experience.

Sonu’s Picnic

Elevating the typical picnic, Sonu’s picnic will take place at a deserted beach guaranteeing complete privacy for guests. Maldives is home to numerous uninhabited islands where the pristine nature is well preserved. Guests can explore the surrounding blueness of the lagoon or dip their toes in the sandy shores before completing the picnic experience by a gourmet lunch. A personal chef will be preparing the dishes for guests, ensuring its up to par with their expectations.