A Fermentista and an Energy Healer: Dynamic Duo set to perform at Amilla Maldives!

A Fermentista and an Energy Healer: Dynamic Duo set to perform at Amilla Maldives!

Saturday 25th of September 2021

Amilla delivers on its promise of being an ‘Island of Surprises’ as they announce the two latest stars to host workshops at Amilla Maldives under their stellar ‘Visiting Heroes’ program.

The truly dynamic duo consisting of a Fermentista, leading hands-on workshops on making your own fermented food, and a renowned Energy Healer who will offer special treatments and consultations for guests. The pair are set to perform at the Baa Atoll resort's Javvu Spa from October 18th - 31st.

Dr. Tejas Sameer: Fermentista

Dr. Tejas Sameer: Leading Fermentista and Ayurvedician, will host the fermentation workshops and will also be available for private consultations on gut health. The consultations will help design a path to optimal wellness for guests through the consistent use of fermented foods.

Dr. Tejas is a perfect fit for Amilla Maldives since the resort has led the way in the Maldives resort world in promoting wellness through food. Amilla’s groundbreaking Wellness Your Way optional menus offer guests at all its restaurants the opportunity to continue (or embark upon) their preference of ‘eating lifestyle’, such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto/paleo/low carb.

This innovative program is backed up by the resort’s own range of Homemade@Amilla products, including probiotics sodas, kefir, and plant-based milk.

Priti Gupte: Energy Healer

Priti Gupte, the renowned Energy Healer, who has lived and traveled across Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America will be joining Amilla Maldives to offer a variety of sessions during her tenure at Amilla Maldives including Crystal Healing, Reiki, Tarot Reading, and Chakra Balancing.

Priti is a Professional Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Crystal and Theta Healer, and a Reiki Grandmaster. She has been an Energy Healer for nearly 25 years. Clients say her psychic abilities and soul connection with the universe make her sessions unique and authentic. With an exclusive client base all over the world, she consults privately with many VIP clients.

The arrival of Dr. Tejas and Priti at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences coincides with the launch of the resort's new Wellness Packages. Designed with flexibility in mind, they can be fitted around guests’ all-important beach-time and ensure there is still time to visit the vast aggregations of manta rays at world-famous Hanifaru Bay.