A once-in-a-lifetime package that makes a difference! Baros Maldives does it right.

A once-in-a-lifetime package that makes a difference! Baros Maldives does it right.

Saturday 25th of September 2021

The magical underwater world is hugely important to us and we intend to do our utmost to preserve it for future generations: as Baros is home to one of the most gorgeous house reefs in the world, alive with vibrant corals and marine life and they’re inviting guests to partake in immersive, authentic experiences that can help us do just that.

Baros is blessed with incredible natural surroundings, from the lush jungle interior of the island to its world-class house reef, and because Coral reefs play an important part in the underwater ecosystem, they have decided to include an entirely new offering to enhance the Baros guest experience; the Baros Eco Explorer package.

This unbelievable offer allows guests to embrace their time in the Maldives in an unforgettable way: by contributing to the sustainable initiatives led by the resident Marine Biologist.

As part of this offering, guests can enjoy thrilling and educational experiences that include a Coral Workshop and Q&A session with the Baros Marine Biologist, a coral frame planting experience in the coral garden (with a personalized name tag and message), and the creation and planting of a Coral Cube in the Baros lagoon. These sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives both help create a coral garden of broken but alive corals that, wouldn’t survive otherwise and address areas of the reef itself that need extra support. Ultimately, these activities help the reef, and the precious marine life, to thrive.

Also included in this fabulous offering is private snorkeling and fish identification session. Led by the Marine Biologist, and equipped with underwater cameras, guests will discover and better understand the underwater world of Baros, its sub-aquatic wildlife, the risks they face today, and what can be done to mitigate them.

Guests will leave with countless memories and a specially curated photo book documenting the experiences to mark the meaningful and unforgettable trip. A once-in-a-lifetime package that makes a difference — this is an offering and experience of a lifetime.