Amilla Islanders Delves Deeper into the Secret Beaches on The Island

Amilla Islanders Delves Deeper into the Secret Beaches on The Island

Sunday 13th of June 2021

Amilla Maldives is innovative and creative in all its approaches to celebrating special occasions. On the World Ocean Day celebrated on June 8, Amilla Islanders threw their support behind the cause by conducting an exciting lineup of activities inclusive of guests on the island.

Education and practice remain key to ensuring that sustainable actions become a habit rather than just a once off action. Amilla treated their guests to a session of facts – fun, concerning, encouraging, advocating – about the massive underwater wonderland that surrounds the island in the heart of the UNESCO Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve. By understanding the importance of the different marine life forms, guests will be more aware of the impact their every action will have on the fragile environment of the Maldives, be it while on the island or at far corners of the world at their homes.

The main event was a major adventure that treated the Amilla Islanders from every department and guests coming together to conduct a mass cleanup of the ‘secret’ beaches of the island. Leding up from a treacherous journey through the jungle habitats, these beaches are hard to access for cleanups and significant removal of the plastics and waste that collect on the shore over time. Amilla has taken careful steps to remove some of the vegetation to create pathways but the resort assures that no major harm will ever be done in the process. These stunning beaches were removed of everything that doesn’t belong on a pristine location like such in the event.

The grand finale was something that made my mouth water too – revelation of a delectable Sustainable Seafood Menu created by the Executive Chef at the resort. Made from most ingredients that came from the homegrown gardens at Amilla, the dishes were crafted to perfection around seafood that were ethically sourced under the dedicated program by the resort.

“I am both proud and overcome by the engagement and participation from both our guests and staff in support of this day, which focuses upon saving the world’s most precious resource, the ocean.” commented Amilla’s Sustainability and Wellness Manager, Victoria Kruse.

Amilla is excited to welcome guests to the glamorous island to experience the thrill-packed Summer Program which is launching on June 15. The season also coincides with one of the most magical ocean adventures you can look forward to while in the Maldives – the Manta Season at Hanifaru Bay.