Amilla Maldives Celebrates Their Very Own Mini Marine Biologist Graduates

Amilla Maldives Celebrates Their Very Own Mini Marine Biologist Graduates

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

A graduation ceremony is always special, more so when it is for the young ones from the exclusive Mini Marine Biologists Programme at Amilla Maldives.

Designed to involve the tiny visitors to Maldives in an exciting journey of education and play, this interactive programme gives participants an insight into the country’s incredible marine life.

The resort is currently celebrating the very first batch graduating from this programme. The class was presented with Mini Marine Biologist certificates and badges, including a pin for every topic they covered during the course. Each student also got a complimentary Kid’s Club backpack shaped like a f white-tailed tropicbird to take home with them.

Amilla Maldives is blessed with pure nature all around.

Short videos, talks, Q&A sesions are part of the theoretical module, whereas the juniors are taken on a visit to Amilla’s coral nursery en route to a snorkelling session too. Combined with worksheets, games and drawing, a new world of marine biology is opened up to the children.

“The idea was to help give them a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting the environment.” says Resident Marine Biologist, Chiara Gambini. “We use some of the scientific names to explain processes, like photosynthesis, which the kids seem to like and have responded really well to.”

All little VIPs who participated in the course were very excited to learn new things, and grow on their passion for the cause. Guests chose to participate in the course voluntarily as it is not yet an offering at the Kid’s Club. This gives Chiara hope that the concept can be built upon.

If your young’un is between 2 to 13 years of age, have them know that this thrilling experience awaits them at Amilla Maldives! Sessions last an hour, spread over 3- to 7-day course.