Amilla Maldives Resort Heads Towards Greener Shores With Solar Energy Boost

Amilla Maldives Resort Heads Towards Greener Shores With Solar Energy Boost

Wednesday 18th of January 2023

The five-star opulent property of Amila Maldives Resort & Residences is putting its foot down for greener endeavours by giving the resort a solar energy boost. Given its strategic location close to the equator, Maldives experiences ample amounts of sunlight with sunny days outnumbering rainy ones. This makes the Maldives the perfect playground to harness the plentiful sunshine and use it to generate clean energy supplies.

By convention, most islands in the Maldives are powered by diesel generators which are both expensive and highly polluting. This is because electric cables cannot be run between islands, owing to the geographical seclusion of the archipelago. Amilla Maldives finds an innovative solution to this problematic dilemma by installing solar panels on the property. At the moment, new solar panels are being installed on the rooftops of Amilla’s ‘Heart of House’ (staff area) which will go into service in March 2023.

Once the solar panels are up and running the resort will be able to generate 950,000 Kilowatt hours (Kwh) of clean energy per year, equivalent to approximately 250,000 litres of savings on diesel. As a result of this transformative change, Amilla Maldives can significantly reduce its reliance on diesel and achieve new targets in its progress towards sustainability.

Amilla Maldives

The eco-friendly 5* resort is an EarthCheck Silver Certificate holder for the second consecutive year in a row and a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s elite ‘Considerate Collection’ – the benchmark of luxury sustainability. With these accolades to its name, Amilla Maldives has already met expectations with top sustainability standards in the hotel industry, however, sets the eco-conscious bar even higher with its solar panel initiative.

Speaking on the change, the General Manager of Amilla Maldives Resort & Residences, Jason Kruse said “Sustainability is in our DNA. It’s not just something we dip into every now and then, it’s part of our daily lives and in every decision we make. We are all so excited to have the support of SWIMSOL to help us undertake this solar initiative, and we are set to make the announcements about the next steps in our sustainability programme in the near future.”

Currently, the resort is home to 30 various sustainability initiatives including an onsite recycling plant and a coconut oil processing machine. Moreover, owing to the design of the resort, the property paves way for abundant expanses of jungle and undeveloped areas which have drawn in rare long-tailed tropicbirds to nest on the island. These birds usually only nest in uninhabited islands and Amilla Maldives is now working closely with conservationists to ensure their protection.