Break A Sweat On Your Active Holiday At Hideaway With A Match Of Padel Tennis

Break A Sweat On Your Active Holiday At Hideaway With A Match Of Padel Tennis

Sunday 31st of July 2022

The Maldives, renowned for its naturally sunny ambience and cyan blue waters is what makes it into a perfect tropical paradise. The unfaltering sunny climate paves way for guests to enjoy numerous outdoor activities making sure they return from their vacation fit and lit! At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, you can engage yourselves in a plethora of adrenaline pumping activities including the newly introduced Padel Tennis- available to all guests from August 2022 onwards.

Padel Tennis or simply Padel is usually played in doubles with same rules of scoring as regular Tennis and using similar balls delivered with lower pressure. However, alike the two sports may seem from their description, this is where all similarities end. Played in an enclosed court that is roughly 25% smaller than a tennis court both the rules and styles of play in Padel are very contrasting to that of regular Tennis.

In Padel, the courts are designed with walls that players can use to bounce balls off comparable to a game of Squash. Moreover, the bats used in Padel are solid and string-less and the rules dictate that the height of balls served should not exceed above the waist level.

Padel Tennis is now taking the world by storm and has been pronounced as the fastest growing sport in the world. In Spain it is the second most played sport and due to its rising popularity, many hotel operators are now extending their services to provide Padel Tennis courts. These include tourism establishments in highly-acclaimed travel destinations such as Dubai and Singapore and now even in Maldives. Padel is also generating a great buzz from the celebrity pool with famous names such as Peter Crouch, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Andy Murray known to enjoy the game.

Hideaway Resort is one of the few proud providers of this sport in the Maldives. Signature Collection guests staying at hideaway can book the court for a game of Padel or if you need a partner, the sports master or tennis pros in the resort would be more than happy to lend a hand in this exhilarating experience.

Located adjacent to the fairly new Hideaway Golf Centre, the resort has a wide array of recreational activities up its sleeve. These include two professional tennis courts, a spacious and well equipped state-of-the-art gym and a half-basketball court. The resort also features a rec room where table tennis and foosball matches can be played and even have an outdoor gym for those who wishes to brave the sun and heat of this tropical sanctuary. Due to the vastness of the island, Hideaway is also the ultimate haven for those seeking to take joy rides around the resort on a bicycle and even appeal to guests who need their daily dose of running.