Himeyn Beans Café And Bistro Is Here To Take Your Coffee Habits To The Next Level

Himeyn Beans Café And Bistro Is Here To Take Your Coffee Habits To The Next Level

Thursday 28th of July 2022

Coffee is a drink that is loved all around the world for its invigorating effects to the soul. While on vacation or even part of everyday life, majority of people rely on their caffeinated thrill to start the day. This opportunity is now not so far for all guests staying at Himeyn beach Inn Maldives as the management recently extended their services to a café’ and bistro adjoined to the guesthouse. Himeyn Beach Inn is the first guesthouse to open its doors to the public as a bistro.

Located in Hdh.Hanimadhoo on the opposite side of the Youth Centre, the Himeyn Beans Café’ and Bistro is designed to bring tranquillity and relaxation to the mind with its scenic views surrounding the Café’. It is also an environmentally friendly area with green policies such as zero plastic implemented to care for the environment.

At Himeyn, meet the most hospital staff and make them brew your favourite drink as they are all well certified in barista trainings. You can opt for a Lavazza with its diverse array of Lavazza blacks available or seek an Illy or Nestle’ prepared at the bistro with our diligent staff amusing you with their barista skills. If you are bold and willing to indulge yourself in a more home-made coffee, try the locally roasted beans at Himeyn which is sure to appeal to your taste buds.

The café will open from 16:30 onwards till 23:00 every day and can be even utilised for different occasions. The staff at Himeyn is more than happy to welcome both locals and tourist to their café and strives to succeed in the tousim industry by depicting an image as a bistro in the coffee window of Himeyn Beach Inn Maldives. It is considered an affordable café’ and is even suitable for all age groups to visit.

The opening of this café has improved the lives of Hanimadhoo people as well with many job opportunities being created to the youth as well as the chance to sip coffe in a pleasant ambience.