Co-Existing With Luxury and Environment Mindfulness at Kagi Maldives

Co-Existing With Luxury and Environment Mindfulness at Kagi Maldives

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

The first impression of the Maldives to almost everyone is its natural geographical beauty. Pools of blue encircling pearls of white with lush emerald tops, the archipelago sends a promise of relaxation and memorable moments to the masses. As such, the picture-perfect destination is impossible to resist when combined with the luxury facilities and services aboard the island.

However, the pristine nature of the Maldives can only be preserved with the joint efforts of many, and resorts are jumping on this initiative as well. One such resort is Kagi Maldives Spa Island, which has put into motion several sustainability measures to become more mindful of the environment while still providing top-notch services. Have a look into Kagi’s sustainability front.

Desalination & Water Bottling

Plastic pollution is among the biggest threats to the ocean and in a country constituting 99% ocean, the danger is imminent. To reduce the amount of plastic pollution, Kagi Maldives has committed to the switch to glass bottles where fresh water is sourced from the resort’s very own desalination water plant. The glass bottles are reused in operations with each bottle sterilized after usage.

This commitment is already mitigating threats to the environment and helping the resort cut down on transportation costs applied when bottles were shipped from Male’ to the resort. Further expanding its commitment to phase out plastic bottles, Kagi has ceased the purchase of drinks in plastic bottles, instead opting for the eco-friendlier alternatives of glass or aluminum canned versions.

Sustainable Building Materials

The smart design and architecture of the resort fully optimize the use of sustainable building materials, making the most of the available natural conditions. One of the incredible feats of smart design at Kagi is equipping the entire resort with LED lights which are helping the resort generate energy savings of up to 1000kWh every day. This is equivalent to an offset of 742kg of emissions daily.

Moreover, air-conditioners fitted at Kagi utilize inverter technology to consistently monitor the temperature while sensor-motion doors assist in switching the unit on/off when not in use.

House Reef & Coral Plantation

Collaborating with Euro-Divers, Kagi Maldives has established its first coral nursery. Here broken coral fragments are replanted and allowed to grow and propagate in a controlled environment. Once they are ready, the corals are transported back to the house reef and planted again. This method of coral plantation aids in combating coral bleaching events caused by warm water temperatures.

Kagi Maldives’s Gardens

Situated in the heart of the Noo Faru restaurant, the extensive Herb Garden is nourished with compost produced from food waste and nutrient-rich irrigation from water treatment pods. The cultivation of herbs on the island ensures guests receive fresh ingredients while reducing food transportation miles and the correlating emissions. Furthermore, the composting of food waste helps the resort recycle 60% of its organic waste, discarding it in a sustainable manner.