Dive Deeper Into These Hidden Underwater Worlds Of The Maldives

Dive Deeper Into These Hidden Underwater Worlds Of The Maldives

Sunday 21st of August 2022

Being situated in the Indian Ocean as an archipelago puts Maldives into great advantage when it comes to marine life. The underwater canopy of the islands is teeming with different and rare marine species, creating a world of wonders that are waiting a few feet below the surface. From whale sharks to manta rays to vibrant coral species and underwater caves, the Maldivian underwater got it all! With 1200 islands scattered across 26 atolls, the most prominent dive spots can be seen in various locations. Take a look at some of the best well-kept secret underworlds in the tropical haven of the Indian Ocean.

Maaya Thila

Ranked among one of the most popular dive spots in the country, Maaya Thila is a pinnacle 6m below the surface waiting to be explored. The pinnacle is home to a diverse assortment of life such as stingrays, barracudas, giant frogfishes and many more. But the star of this dive site is the white-tip sharks! On a typical dive, find atleast 20 white-tip sharks gracing the waters scouting for food.

Alimatha Jetty

The perfect location for a night dive, Alimatha Jetty is a hotspot for nurse sharks and cow tail stingrays. It owes this feat to the year-long tradition of Alimatha Resort throwing guts of fish into the sea, drawing in shoals of fish and other species to this area. Snap some amazing shots as the feeding games begin here with the sun-down hour.

Vaadhoo Caves

Underwater caves of depth 7 to 40m can be seen in this prominent dive site, so trench deeper into the depths! Keep your eye out for unicornfish, soldierfish and turtles in the overhangs as you venture into the crevices. End your dive by cruising over the colourful reef located at the edge of the caves.

Sun Island

Meet the elusive whale shark here, the largest sharks in the world. The island’s strategic position with the southern shore opening to the Indian Ocean and being home to a deep plateau makes it welcoming for the whale sharks that are swimming by. To catch a glimpse of this gigantic species, the ideal time for a dive is the week leading up to a full moon. So dive before the moon becomes is spherical!

Banana Reef

This dive site received international recognition from divers worldwide and for good reason. You can find almost everything here at Banana starting from coral reefs to overhangs. A mass congregation of marine life of a sort, the reef is home to moray eels and wrasse while grouper and sharks linger around the blue landscape. Moreover, jacks are frequently sighted here in masses along with napoleons as well. Name a species and you probably can find it here at Banana reef.

Manta Point

No diving experience can be made complete without seeing this gentle creature. Locally known as Emas Thila, this 1km long pinnacle is visited by the flocks of Manta rays. Usually found 15-30m below, witness the cleaning station of Mantas. Find a sloping reef here, hiding a wealth of marine life such as soft corals, trevally, sea whips and etc.