EarthCheck Silver Certifies JOALI Maldives!

EarthCheck Silver Certifies JOALI Maldives!

Monday 17th of January 2022

The world’s leading business advisory group specializing in sustainability in the tourism industry, EarthCheck has bestowed the first and only art immersive resort in the Maldives, JOALI Maldives with Silver Certification!

Taking into account the numerous efforts by the resort to passionately execute responsible luxury, this certification is a testament to the success JOALI Maldives has achieved in offering thoughtful and eco-friendly alternatives to its guests and staff.

“We ingrain social and environmental responsibility in our organizational culture and all that we do.” commented Enver Arslan, General Manager of JOALI Maldives. “With this achievement, we have joined industry leaders who are taking meaningful steps towards creating a sustainable future.”

Ten key performance areas were evaluated by EarthCheck for its Silver Certification including energy and water consumption, total waste production, and community commitment.

Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck, added “JOALI Maldives has taken a significant leadership position in sustainability.”

JOALI Maldives curated its CSR strategy, Joy of Caring, around 4 main aspects that are implemented into the everyday practices on the island -

Joy of Empowering - supporting women empowerment

At the helm of JOALI Maldives are a skilled team of women from around the globe, taking the resort to new heights and crafting a unique concept of luxury along the way. The resort stands out with its array of original, experiential works of art and dynamic design, all of which reflect the beauty of nature and are built with sustainability in mind.

Joy of Conserving - driving operational sustainability

The resort is committed to working on eliminating single-use plastic on the island, whilst keeping the choice of amenities vegan and chemical-free hence, spreading awareness on protecting corals and sea-life. The desalinating water bottling plant on the island allows to produce its own drinking water in glass bottles.

JOALI Maldives focuses on reducing waste; food and garden waste are composted to natural fertilizer; packaging, cans, glass, and paper waste are recycled; and wastewater is treated and reused. The blooming Chef’s Garden on the island produces much of the vegetables and herbs used in preparing delectable cuisines at the resort’s restaurants.

Joy of Supporting – fostering community engagement

The neighboring community is also a big part of the resort’s operation too, as JOALI Maldives sources local goods from local islands wherever possible.

Joy of Preserving - promoting environmental initiatives

Pure and unspoiled house reef surrounding the blissful island is being regenerated by ‘fragments of hope’ - tiny corals transplanted into the existing house reed under the JOALI Maldives’ Reef Restoration Programme. This ambitious programme aims to advocate for ecological conservation taken up by the resort, promoting ways of assisting in the natural recovery of the reef ecosystem.