ELE|NA and OCEANR+: A Powerful Alliance for Ocean Conservancy and Wellness Innovation

ELE|NA and OCEANR+: A Powerful Alliance for Ocean Conservancy and Wellness Innovation

Monday 12th of February 2024

ELE|NA and OCEANR+ are making waves with their groundbreaking partnership, aiming to tackle plastic pollution while enhancing wellness innovation. With plastic pollution posing a significant threat to our oceans, this alliance brings together expertise in sustainability and wellness to address pressing environmental challenges.

Plastic Pollution: A Global Challenge

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic find their way into our oceans, posing a threat to marine life and ecosystems. ELE|NA and OCEANR+ are taking proactive steps to combat this crisis by transforming post-consumer plastic waste into eco-friendly clothing and products. By using recycled polyester and supporting initiatives like "A Kilo for the Planet," both brands are championing sustainability and responsible business practices.

Introducing Sustainable Wellness Apparel

ELE|NA introduces an exclusive range of sustainable wear, including rash guards and caps, tailored for the Maldivian climate. These eco-friendly garments not only protect the environment but also enhance the wellness experience for guests. Wellness practitioners adorned in OCEANR+ apparel deliver the OCEANFLOW treatment—a therapeutic fusion of global healing traditions designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

OCEANFLOW: A Revolutionary Healing Experience

The OCEANFLOW treatment offers a holistic approach to wellness, addressing various health conditions and promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. From reducing stress to aiding post-operative rehabilitation, OCEANFLOW harnesses the healing power of water to provide comprehensive care and support.

A Milestone in Sustainable Luxury and Wellness

The partnership between ELE|NA and OCEANR+ sets a new standard in environmental stewardship and holistic wellness. By combining sustainable luxury with innovative wellness experiences, both brands are paving the way for a healthier planet and happier guests.