Visit Maldives Shines at OTM Mumbai: Showcasing Diverse Delights

Visit Maldives Shines at OTM Mumbai: Showcasing Diverse Delights

Monday 12th of February 2024

Visit Maldives Shines at OTM Mumbai: Showcasing Diverse Delights

Visit Maldives is making waves at OTM Mumbai, presenting a plethora of enchanting experiences to Indian travelers. With 50 industry representatives from 33 companies, the Maldives is spotlighting its diverse offerings at this prestigious Indian travel trade event, held at the Jio World Convention Centre from 8th to 10th February.

Highlighting Maldives' Charms

OTM Mumbai serves as a pivotal platform for connecting with travel trade buyers and professionals across India. Visit Maldives aims to reinforce its status as the ultimate holiday destination for Indian tourists, showcasing the latest updates and unique tourism products. The event fosters collaboration and strengthens business relations within the travel industry.

Immersive Experiences at the Maldives Stand

Visitors to the Maldives stand can indulge in a range of activities, from meetings with key travel professionals to delightful gastronomical experiences featuring authentic Maldivian delicacies. The stand buzzes with energy as attendees engage in media interviews and explore the diverse offerings of this tropical paradise.

Targeting the Indian Market

India holds significant importance as the top source market for the Maldives, with over 208,876 arrivals recorded by December 2023. Visit Maldives remains committed to engaging Indian travelers through various promotional activities throughout 2024. From digital campaigns to participation in major fairs and exhibitions, the aim is to solidify the Maldives' position as the dream vacation spot for Indian travelers.

A Vibrant Future Ahead

With its captivating allure and commitment to sustainability, the Maldives continues to enchant travelers from around the world. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, Visit Maldives is poised to elevate the destination experience and create lasting memories for Indian travelers seeking the ultimate tropical getaway.