Encounter the Unexpected at Le Meridien Maldives This Festive Season

Encounter the Unexpected at Le Meridien Maldives This Festive Season

Thursday 24th of November 2022

Replicating the time-honoured glamour of European holiday traditions, Le Meridien Maldives has crafted a very special calendar for the festive season. Dotted with everlasting and bespoke experiences, the resort invites guests to commemorate this year’s holidays extravagantly while celebrating the art of travel. At the shores of Le Meridien Maldives be enchanted beyond compare as guests set foot during the bewitching time of the year.

Christmas Eve rolls out the finest in gastronomy at Le Meridien Maldives with a plethora of culinary journeys to explore. At Turquoise, guests will be spoiled for choice both in picturesque and delectable as the beach-side restaurant brims with a buffet of traditional season favourites. Complementing the experience are endless Maldives vistas and the soft kiss of ocean breezes.

On the other hand, Tabemasu the contemporary and elegant Japanese restaurant gears up on the Asian flavours with a dedicated six-course Omakase dinner featured on the date. Indulge in classic Japanese plates, traversing guests to the horizons of Japan. The night can be concluded in style with signature cocktails and live music from the Velaa Bar+Grill, ending the special occasion on a good note.

Christmas itself brings another realm of dishes and drinks to the resort starting with Au Soleil sunset sessions before moving onto the sumptuous beachside brunch flowing with traditional flare and bubbles and desserts to mark the occasion. The moment is dramatically made more significant by catching the sunset of Christmas as it bids adieu in a sky of colours and hues.

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, guests are in for a treat with an expert sommelier helming the tables with grape and cheese pairings. The rich tastes are further elevated by stories that will transform guests into a landscape of exotic wine yards and hidden gems at the Tabemasu restaurant.

On New Year’s Eve itself, the shores of Le Meridien Maldives will turn back time to the 60s to the pinnacle of glamourous travel, paying homage to the golden era of travel, European heritage and the devotion to savour the good life. Guests will be spoiled for choice on this day with the whole night littered with novel experiences. Enjoy everything on the last day of the year including delicious farm-to-fork meals and fresh catch from the sea that merges local flavours with international tastes, uplifting cocktails, riveting live music and entertainment and a spectacular show of fireworks, all packed into the impressive itinerary.

The first of January marks another special occasion at Le Meridien with the culinary department fired up for a five-course menu at Riviera Tapas, featuring exquisite dishes and exclusive pairing of wine, setting the mood for the rest of 2023. Therefore, this festive season encounter the unexpected when you sip, sway and savour at Le Meridien Maldives.