Explore These Magical Choices To Renew Vows In Baros Maldives

Explore These Magical Choices To Renew Vows In Baros Maldives

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Continuously regarded as one of the most romantic resorts in the world, Baros Maldives is a sanctuary for lovers with seductive views and romantic experiences ushering in couples from different parts of the world. Perfect for a staycation with your beloved, the resort’s beautiful landscapes might compel guests to renew their vows yet again, against the idyllic backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

Guests who wish to relive their special moments or create them on their holidays are in for luck with Baros Maldives’ many options to personalize and enhance magical exchanges. Guests can choose to have an intimate ceremony alone or with family and friends during their time on the island, adding the extra touches with the help of the Baros team.

With a plethora of choices to choose from including, renewing vows on a private sandbank or enclosed by cyan waters, couples can craft their dream ceremony on the pristine island. Here are some unique choices offered by Baros to elevate the enchanting event.

Saying ‘Yes’ on the Piano Deck

This memorable way can be exclusively experienced at Baros where guests can celebrate their nuptials while being enclosed by gently rolling cyan waters. The piano deck sits secluded amid the crystalline lagoon and is ideal for couples who desire to tie the knot privately. During sunset, colourful displays take over the horizon, making this location an undisputed winner for all romance-seekers.

Promises On The Sand

Indulging in blissful privacy, guests can choose to renew their promises on a deserted sandbank where nothing, but nature surrounds them on all sides. This profoundly romantic experience can be tailored to suit the preferences of guests, ensuring every moment is as majestic as the one preceding that. Following the ceremony, guests can also delight in a moonlit dinner and special treats to enhance their celebration.

An Island Affair

Opting to stay on the island does not mean any less glamour when it comes to renewing vows. Under the shade of palm trees and sandy white shores, couples will be welcomed with a traditional Maldivian Bodu Beru procession. The ceremony can be arranged at the dazzling Baros beach or at the iconic The Lighthouse Restaurant.

After exchanging the vows, guests can close the special day with an Ocean Degustation Menu, commemorating their love while the sunset dramatically transforms the skyline into a thousand different hues- the perfect way to bid adieu to an unforgettable day of their lives.