Fill Up Sun-Drenched Days With Exquisite Dining At Furaveri Maldives

Fill Up Sun-Drenched Days With Exquisite Dining At Furaveri Maldives

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

A deluxe five-star property in the Raa Atoll, Furaveri Maldives is landscaped with stunning hues of blue and 168 charming villas tucked away in the resort’s most prized natural locations. The indigenous splendour of the island is adorned further by remarkable experiences such as the phenomenal dining available on the property.

Furaveri Maldives takes pride in curating culinary offerings in breathtakingly beautiful settings, enticing the appetites of guests with visually aesthetic scenes and views. Furaveri’s gastronomy promises to appeal to the most discerning palates with its signature culinary style renowned for infusing nature and culture into dining experiences. Therefore, guests can expect plentiful offerings at all its bespoke venues with special highlights occasionally hosted to elevate guests’ experience.

Jaafaiy Buffet Restaurant

Placed right next door to the Bar and Pool, Jaafaiy is the main restaurant of Furaveri Maldives. Its iconic design and architecture flawlessly capture the best of what the island has to offer, and its lively ambience makes it an instant hit with all diners. Jaafaiy in the Maldivian tongue refers to a large feast and true to its name brings a feast for all senses with extravagant buffets available at all mealtimes.

One of the highlights of this restaurant is its themed nights with BBQ Night, Italian Night and Maldivian Night, wowing guests from time to time. On BBQ Night guests can enjoy a selection of freshly grilled meat and seafood while on Italian Night, different specialties from the region will highlight dining tables. Over at Maldivian Night, guests can sample the local cuisine with its authentic flavours and aromas.

Raiyvilla Fusion Restaurant

The signature a la carte restaurant derives its name from the transformative horizon at dusk and as the name suggests delivers the dramatic hues of the sunset to the table at this Asian Specialty Fine-Dining Restaurant. Situated on the western edge of the island, Raiyvilla is famed for its unique setting and its Asian-fusion menu that explores the limits of Asian Cuisine and Teppanyaki through flaming spices and mouth-watering aromas.

The restaurant houses a Teppanyaki station where Japanese cuisine can be savoured while amusing in skilled culinary performances. Lobster & Champagne BBQs and Sashimi Platters are also definite favourites here with the latter comprising fresh reef fish, yellowfin tuna and salmon with Wasabi and Soya Sauce to appetize the palates.

Amigos @ Farumathi

Presiding over the reef, Amigos @ Farumathi is a nature-inspired dining space designed in a chic, rustic style. A romantic rendezvous for lovers, the ocean breezes touch down here, making this the perfect place to catch up with Amigos or significant others over fusion cocktails and Mexican flavours. Margaritas are a beloved drink here enjoyed while enthralled by the mesmerizing sunsets that land here every day. Guests can also keep the lookout for marine life in the rolling waves below with pods of dolphins frequently sighted at the venue.

Udhares Bar

A staycation’s true essence is realized at Udhares Bar where guests can simply unwind with a zesty drink in hand and sweeping views of the Indian Ocean unfolding before them. On the poolside, the bar provides an array of exotic cocktails and refreshments in a cosy atmosphere, concocted and tuned for guests’ exact preferences.

After dark, the laid-back bar will transform into a riveting entertainment hub with mood lighting and tipsy drinks keeping guests going into the long hours of the night. Live music, games and shows are staged here as well with theme nights rocking the scene on a daily basis. Apart from this, guests can also get their hands on Shisha here with a comprehensive range of flavours to indulge in or they can even make their own mix with Two Flavours at the bar too!