From Monthly Beach Cleanups to Switching to EcoBottles, Take a Look at Sustainability at Vilamendhoo

From Monthly Beach Cleanups to Switching to EcoBottles, Take a Look at Sustainability at Vilamendhoo

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

The natural blessings bestowed upon the Maldives are countless and yet, they are constantly facing the dangers of an unforgiving climate change the world is witnessing. Somehow, we are all responsible for the changes that have taken place over time, but right now is not the time for blame-game. Instead, resorts in the Maldives such as the stunning island of Vilamendhoo is calling everyone to take action starting from today to save our delicate environment.

Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa takes pride in intertwining sustainability in its effortless world-class hopitality and delivering exceptional guest experiences for those who holiday on the island. By making guests a aprt of their sustainability journey, the resort is not only educating the guests on the harsh climate changes and its effects to the Maldivian environment, but also inpiring them to make small changes in their lifestyle so that the world can breathe cleaner for a while longer.

Internationally accepted long-term sustainable practises are deployed across Vilamendhoo inn efforts to maintaining the natural beauty of the adventurer’s paradise. The on-site bottling plant has replaced single-use bottles with portable class water bottles for staff and guests on the island alike. All the bottles found in the resort, from the villas, bars, and restaurants to even the soda bottles in the minibars are produced at the on-site bottling plant in the resort.

Taking the initiative further, Vilamendhoo has introduced ECO-Bottles in 2019 – an aluminium bottle sold to guests that can be refilled for free with drinking water and taken home as a souvenir too! Such simple lifestyle changes, including switching to alternatives of plastic straws, have contributed majorly ot reducing the carbon footprint and reduced the amount of single-use waste discarded every year by Vilamendhoo.

The sustainable practices are not only limited to within the resort. Vilamendhoo ventures out to the neighboring islands in support of various local charitable causes and community projects, such as blood donation camps and sports events, and invites the local community to be a part of the initiative. Majority of the Maldivian resort employees at Vilamendhoo are from neighboring islands in South Ari Atoll, where cultural groups are hosted for theme nights on the island on regular occasions.

Did you also know that the fresh ingredients used to place delish dishes at the island restaurants are procured locally? Fresh fish and vegetable is supplied by local farmers and fishermen from the atoll to Vilamendhoo, another aspect of how the resort supports sustainable growth of the community.