Get Hungry for This Exclusive Popup at Soneva by 5x 'World’s Best Restaurant' Patron, Chef Refslund

Get Hungry for This Exclusive Popup at Soneva by 5x 'World’s Best Restaurant' Patron, Chef Refslund

Wednesday 19th of January 2022

One of the founders of the ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ five times over, Noma, Danish Chef Mads Refslund has set camp in the ritzy resort of Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. This famed restauranteur has signed up to host a new 12-month pop-up restaurant based on his signature concept of Fire and Ice. Coming to this elegant destination, this acclaimed chef brings magic to the tree-top dining destination, Fresh in the Garden, that overlooks the award-winning island resort’s extensive organic gardens.

Chef Refslund adheres to ‘bonding rawness’ into the New Nordic cuisine at a terroir-based kitchen setting. It goes without saying that the delectable dishes put out are curated with the careful combination of raw ingredients based on their intrinsic values and flavors, with the aim of seeking the highest expression nature can provide.

“I always find inspiration in nature, so to have the opportunity to cook among the treetops of Soneva Fushi is very inspiring,” says Chef Refslund, explaining how his concept will showcase the natural instinct for how to work with nature’s bounty.

An evenly split menu between Ice items untouched by heat, and a contrasting addition with Fire items cooked over a live flame will theatrically allow the ingredients to display their pure beauty and be harmoniously balanced on the palette too. The main characters will be themed around vegetables and seafood freshly available at the destination, namely freshly caught Maldivian Tuna, hibiscus, and aromatic herbs. Guests are given sharing meal options, and the menu also spans into mouthwatering desserts by Chef. Soneva has a long history of collaborating with renowned Chefs from around the word, particularly inspirational talents. The gastronomical experiences at the resort are highly sought after for this reason among many, and Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Co-founder of Soneva believes that Chef Refslund is an exceptional addition to the Soneva Stars.