Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

Monday 23rd of December 2019

Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

Instagram is a highly competitive platform. It is now used for a variety of uses, from business promotion to e-commerce to modelling. Instagrammers are always looking for ways to attract followers, gain more likes and comments. Here’s how to get an Instagram-perfect picture to achieve that.

• Think Square

Before Instagram came into our lives, most of our pictures were either landscape or portrait. But we’re talking about square pictures here. Zoom out a bit. Capture more. Then determine where to best draw the eye through cropping.

• Natural light

By using natural light, you get colors that are more vibrant, borders that appear to be more defined and texts that are easier to read. Using flash can actually wash out the subject and flatten out the photos. The best time for photography is just before dusk or when puffy clouds are blocking some direct sun.

• Background

If the subject is colorful or busy then a less complex background is better. If the subject is plain, use a colorful background to make it pop.

• Positioning

The rule of the thirds- Instead of making the subject matter of your photo the center of the photo, position the camera so that it is in the left, right, top or bottom 3rd of the frame.

• Steady Hand

Use a table, a tree, a park bench, or anything to help keep you and your camera steady. Consider investing. in a tripod. The good thing about tripods is you can also take selfies using remote control timers without worrying about awkward arms getting in the way or the phone toppling over at the last moment.

• Filters

A recent scientific study by Georgia Tech found that photos with filters are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to get a comment. Pictures with warm filters, greater exposure and well-defined contrast were the ones that are most popular, while pictures with saturation effects leads to lower views.