Get Your Holiday Kicking With The Endless Opportunities Available At Siyam World

Get Your Holiday Kicking With The Endless Opportunities Available At Siyam World

Saturday 20th of August 2022

At Siyam World, find your vacation filled with many interactive and engaging activities with the resort’s extensive recreational facilities. The things to do run endless here ensuring every day of your holiday is spent doing something exciting and amazing! Paving for a well-spend vacation with cherished memoirs to make their way into your travel diaries.

For sport aficionados, the resort is home to a collection of sport courts and stadiums that will be great to break a sweat in. At the tennis courts, fuel up your competitive spirit with engaging matches against family members and friends. Or flex your dribbling skills at the basketball court by shooting quick hoops early in the game. The well-loved sport of football and the quick serves of badminton is also available at Siyam World giving guests a diverse choice of sports to choose from.

Incorporating the scenic picturesque of the beach, some sports can be enjoyed barefoot with sand getting between your toes. This includes trying your hand at beach cricket or serving up on a game of beach volleyball. Even if sports are not for you, the beaches spanning over 6 kilometers would be terrific for a light jog or for a long walk that will help you become one with the island essence.

The resort is also home to the largest floating water park in the Maldives, giving you a golden opportunity to channel the inner child in you. Situated in the cyan lagoon of the resort, the floating park has in store a grappling experience for all ages. From winding slides to parkours and challenging obstacles hindering your way the experience will thrill you to bits. Scale the walls and cruise the rafts that form part of this novel adventure!