How About an Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Field Trip?

How About an Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Field Trip?

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

How About an Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Field Trip?

Families planning on spending a holiday in the Maldives may wonder if the tiny islands have enough to please those picky little royals and the good news is that the answer is yes! As a world-renowned scuba diving destination, the Maldives offers the perfect opportunity for kids to start a hobby that will last them a lifetime and the best part is that it is of unlimited fun!

If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives and are eager to learn diving with the PADI Open Water Diver Course but reluctant because you don’t want to waste your precious holiday sitting in a classroom or studying, you’ll be glad to know that Prodivers has the perfect solution for you – PADI eLearning.

The eLearning courses include interactive presentations including videos, audio, graphics and text, as well as short quizzes for self-assessment checking and, once you are confident with the material, you can complete the five required Knowledge Reviews and PADI will then email the results to you. Print off your eLearning record and pack your bags as you are ready for an underwater adventure!

Even children can take part in diving and embark on the awesome journey. Here are some reasons why you should let your kid learn diving. When scuba diving is started at a very young age, it boosts confidence over time and stays in the heart forever.

Apart from that, kids will also learn about marine life and they will see a whole new world, broadening their horizons, knowledge and sense of appreciation towards the conservation of wildlife and the fragile environment.

Above it all, you will be giving the gift of happiness to your kids and let them learn that outdoor experiences are much better than materialistic things.

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