How Hurawalhi Maldives Makes Meat-Free Dining Cool

How Hurawalhi Maldives Makes Meat-Free Dining Cool

Wednesday 12th of May 2021

Earthlings have depended on food from the ground since life existed. Our diets have revolved around farmed meat, home-grown vegetables, fruits, plants and fish and all of these ingredients, in one portion or another, have created tempting cuisines from around the world.

To have a completely plant-based diet is a personal choice of many global travelers nowadays. Or sometimes, even meat lovers choose an occasional meat-free day as a thoughtful gesture. It is considered sustainable for the planet and the body and reportedly have positive impacts on life expectancy, improving the circulatory and nervous systems as well reducing the likelihood of type 2 diabetes and cancer. It will also act as a great contributor to a greener planet, managed more sustainably.

In Hurawalhi Maldives, guests are spoilt for choice of scrumptious and imaginative meat-free dining. The inspiring creations are bound to make even the most steadfast meat lovers asking for more. With the technological gastronomical advancements in the kitchen, professional cooks have come up with alternative ingredients that can as skillfully replace meat in any dish. A wide assortment of home-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs are infused into classic dishes such as lasagna and steak – but with nut and vegetables!

Hurawalhi prides in their range of vegetarian creations on the menus with a wide variety of superfoods that maintain a healthy lifestyle of guests, even when on holiday. Make the most of the flavours and the freshness by choosing from the sumptuous buffets at Canneli Restaurant where 30% of the fayre is vegetarian, and having selected dishes cooked to your liking at the enticing live stations. A fine-dining vegan experience under the ocean awaits at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant, a gourmet take on popular junk food at JFK will find you not knowing where to begin when choosing between the plant-based culinary creations available. More imaginative meat-free dining is available at Kashibo too, the place where Asian street food is taken to another level.