‘I Do’ A thousand Times Over at Meeru Island

‘I Do’ A thousand Times Over at Meeru Island

Monday 28th of June 2021

The most intimate moment you can share with someone has to the moment when you standing in front of them hand in hand, looking into their eyes and saying the magical words - ‘I Do’. The ceremonial coming together of two significant people meant to be for each other.

Now imagine the sun setting on the horizon, waves kissing the beach effortlessly and white powdery sand beneath your feet. In Meeru Island, at the new wedding pavilion, you are surrounding by the people you love and a cheerful beating of the traditional Maldivian Bodu Beru drums will have everyone swaying to the dreamy ambiance of the moment.

The brand-new traditional pavilion is decorated to represent the Maldivian cultural elements in its details. It is located at the Maalan beach on the island, the northern tip offering endless sky and sea as a natural backdrop one just can’t resist.

If you have been planning the ceremony of your dreams, Meeru Island offers a once-in-a-lifetime romantic celebration intimately curated just for you on your big day. The wedding packages suit all budget ranges and come with exceptional value for money, as your honeymoon will be as memorable at the beautiful resort too. From exclusive in-house photography to your first candlelit dinner as Mr. And Mrs., be ready to remember the occasion for the rest of your life!