Immerse Yourself in All Shades of an Emerald Wellness Journey

Immerse Yourself in All Shades of an Emerald Wellness Journey

Monday 5th of April 2021

Emerald Maldives and Spa believes that open air activities not only make the guests permanence more dynamic, but also encourage self-exploration and skill finding. An increased sense of relaxation can be achieved by actively testing the physical and mental capacity of the body on a regular basis.

In order to make exercising an interesting activity, the resort came up with a fun, dynamic workout as an adventurous outdoor activity that motivates guests to get out of their comfort zones and sway away. As you give your body a wake-up call for the day, all the Vitamin D from the unfiltered sunlight will further help boost your day. It is deemed essential for clear thinking and emotional health.

While the trainer’s workout includes running in the sand, functional exercises for the whole body, the resort’s certified yoga instructors are taking the practice to the next level by inviting guests to try Aqua Yoga directly in the turquoise ocean. Sounds cool, yeah? Be ready to feel as cool at the end of the session as well.

Reflecting on their wellness belief, the resort introduced mood-boosting activities and treatments to re-energies the body, increase happiness levels and optimize health for the long run. Offered at the oasis of bliss on the island – The Emerald Spa – guests can indulge in a full range of Balinese, Ayurvedic and Thai based rituals in the privacy and comfort of treatment rooms.

A must-have treatment at this relaxation temple is the Emerald’s Detoxifying Ritual that is designed to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind via a full body lymphatic drainage massage and metabolic boost, body contouring and skin softening. Following the body exfoliation and clay wraps, guests will experience a blissful head and scalp massage that will aid reaching a state of complete relaxation. The treatment is priced at USD 278 for a 120-minute session.

The resort’s signature beachfront dining spot of Aqua Restaurant’s Blue Zone should be your next stop after all the activity. Emerald’s new spirulina-based superfood smoothie at this newly opened healthy food corner of the resort is both delicious and healthy and will help guests recharge and fuel up for the rest of the day. The resort aims to advocate guests on what is good for the body and what superfood is the most beneficial for a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Having washed away all the earthly worries at the spa and pumped up the blood with the resort’s fitness team, guests are going to be surely seeking an adrenaline release. Where better to do so than in the ample space of open ocean playground surrounding the island? The pristine lagoon is house to some of the most diverse arrays of marine life you can come across anywhere in the world. If guests are lucky, they could possibly encounter schools of vibrant reef fish, manta rays, reef sharks and get lost in the world of thriving corals on a snorkel steps away from the beach. The Emerald’s Deluxe All-inclusive signature formula also offers thrill-seeking water junkies the excitement of jet skiing at the lagoon, diving excursions, windsurfing or kayaking.

As the resort’s General Manager, Mr. Srikanth would suggest, booking a private sandbank lunch for extra pampering with a barefoot meal or sign up for a ‘Wine Tasting in the Sea’ event is the cherry on the cake for the bucket list experience of a lifetime! 

Photos: The Emerald Maldives