‘Tropical Island Baby’ Minissha Lamba Spotted ‘Lost in the View’ in Maldives

‘Tropical Island Baby’ Minissha Lamba Spotted ‘Lost in the View’ in Maldives

Monday 5th of April 2021

Just yesterday, we informed you about the great holiday treats being offered by Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa for your exclusive getaway to the Maldives. The island is a great host to all its guests, and this special star all the way from Bollywood has been enjoying the best of everything all for herself for quite some time now.

As we slide into her Instagram profile, the beautiful Minissha Lamba never looked as dashing as she does in her recent pictures from the breath-taking backdrops around Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa. From lounging around the most photogenic benches to taking her audience on a tour around her admirable villa for the escape, Minissha is evidently having a blast! As she said, tropical island living is something anyone can easily get used to.

Okay, we all know that holidays are meant for sleep-in mornings but Minissha couldn’t resist missing even a single ray of the morning sunshine in her private overwater pool in the villa while enjoying the so-famous floating breakfast. There really is a magical sense of relaxation as you sip on juice and laze away, totally worth being an early bird.

The one characteristic of Maldives no one can get ever get enough of is the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world. Encountering the colorful myriad of fishes in Hideaway’s house reef simply got her hooked on snorkelling, bringing out the mermaid in her.

You too can have a well-deserved vacation at Hideaway Beach and take advantage of the many offers being extended on popular demand. An array of exciting adventures in the island and the vast surrounding waters await alongside some tempting tropical feasts.