Inspirations to Start Your Own Business

Inspirations to Start Your Own Business

Monday 23rd of December 2019

 Inspirations to Start Your Own Business

Being an entrepreneur is nerve-racking, but if it works out well, everything is worth it. This year, there were several examples of unique and creative business start-ups. Here are a few to give you a push.

Apostrophe- telemedicine

This dermatology telemedicine startup in California makes it easier to receive medications and treatments over the phone. It connects users with board-certified dermatologists, who then develop a personalized Rx treatment plan for those patients. The company makes its money off of its pharmaceutical business. Apostrophe has raised a total of $6.5 million since launch 8 years ago.

Aircam- photography

With $6.5M in funding, Aircam offers a fast, easy way to share photos at events. This is a real-time photo-sharing platform for professional and consumer photos. The photos become accessible to everyone at an event, without requiring anyone except the photographer to install an app. The company charges the photographers $50 per event.

Mable- wholesale commerce

This one year old business helps small food and grocery businesses stock their shelves with local and emerging brands. Some grocers pay a monthly fee for the service; in other cases, Mable is getting a cut from brands like new specialty food companies that it’s helping find their way into new locations. So far, the company has raised $3.1 million in seed funding.