Kandhyma – Inspired and born at Kandima

Kandhyma – Inspired and born at Kandima

Monday 27th of July 2020

Kandhyma – Inspired and born at Kandima

Named after the breathtaking island of Kandima, Kandhyma was born from the love of travel, beauty, luxury and wonder. Syreeta and Tanya are from South of Spain where they manage hotels. As of today, theya are experienced and established business owners who design luxury accessories.

At the game-changing destination while on holiday with their family, the two sisters crafted gorgeous, floral accessory arrangements for their vacation to match the stylish island. It sparked an admiration and awe-inspiring curiosity from travelers from all over the world. Seeing the opportunity, a concept soon blossomed into an idea and a few years later, their idea bloomed into something incredible – Kandhyma.


Today, after visiting numerous luxury and exotic destinations looking for inspiring ideas, each collection is lovingly handmade in Spain with local craftsman who bring gorgeous elements of design and flavor into their creations. Kandhyma’s line of sophisticated, feminine designs are the perfect accessories to take with you on an island adventure or out to the most cultured exotic destination.


As you grab a stylish hand bag that could complement any outfit, be inspired to make your way to Kandima where it is all about genuine hospitality with a human touch and smart solutions that make use of the latest innovations – not to mention a playful spirit. You can also be assured of complete peace of mind during your stay with the enhanced K’OnGuard safety protocol at the resort.