Maldives – Aiming to Become the Safest Haven on the Map for Tourists

Maldives – Aiming to Become the Safest Haven on the Map for Tourists

Tuesday 4th of May 2021

The hospitality industry in the Maldives has proven to be the backbone of the country’s economy time and again. Amidst the global pandemic, it has exceeded beyond expectations into rising above all the challenges in the face of COVID19 and making the destination one of the most desirable holiday escapes to travelers around the world.

In order to maintain health and safety measures and further enhance the services provided in the new normal, the industry stakeholders have been continuously working on improving the safety protocols at every touch point of the travelers' journey across the destination.

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The main gateway, Velana International Airport was recognized early on as one of the safest airports in the region, given the minimal time travelers take to pass through in order to reach their end destination. Resorts deployed world-standard cleanliness and hygiene measures while upgrading their rapid testing mechanisms, most offered on a complimentary basis to guests on the islands. Blessed with geographically socially distant islands and the one-island-one-resort establishments, it has been an added advantage in reducing the risk of mass virus spreads among holiday makers.

One of the most important initiatives by the country was the nation-wide call for vaccination drive in February, with priority given to hospitality industry front liners. As of date, 99% of the resort employees have completed the 1st dose of vaccine with 25% of them having completed taking both the jabs. the recently launched 'I'm Vaccinated' campaign by the Ministry of Tourism aims to make Maldives the first country in the world with a fully vaccinated work force servicing in the tourism industry.

Over 47,000 beds across various tourist establishments have been brought into operation across the archipelago, offering a wide range of activities to suit the taste of many. 23 scheduled and 7 chartered flights are operating regular flights to the Maldives, connecting daydreamers from every corner of the world conveniently to the secluded gateway. In the month of April alone, 91,200 tourists landed in the dreamy island destination for their well-deserved and safety assured escape.  

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