More Than Just A Holiday at Amilla – Creating Magic at the Alchemy Bar

More Than Just A Holiday at Amilla – Creating Magic at the Alchemy Bar

Wednesday 15th of September 2021

My personal favorite part of travelling is looking for something to bring back home from the trip. Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences make it easier for you at the recently opened Alchemy Bar at the bespoke Javvu Spa on the island.

During the months spent on lockdown, the magic makers of Amilla were researching their very own sustainability initiative of making if not everything, then the most possible of it, at home. While cooking things up at the spa, Laura Pagano, the very talented Spa Manager of Javvu Spa, came across the very interesting ‘Dhivehi Beys’, the ancient knowledge of herbalism passed down the generations in the form of medicine. Intrigued by the powers captured through freshly picked herbs and a number of spices, Laura and her team explored ways to incorporate it with the growing knowledge of plant-based remedies.

Now, the Alchemy Bar at Javvu Spa has a diverse range of homemade soaps‚ scrubs and balms, all made with homegrown zero-mile herbs from the Mystique Gardens! Guests interested in making their own magic with ingredients can take up classes at the Alchemy Bar where under close monitoring and assistance of Laura, they can mix and match fragrances of their own liking for a unique product at the end.

How romantic will it be to gift your significant other a soap bar that you formulated? Or imagine the bragging sessions that can take place back home as you show off your own handmade balm at Amilla Maldives! This is exactly how you take your self-care routine up a notch. More importantly, you learn about the benefits of the natural ingredients against the many commercial products commonly in use, and also get an instructions card in case you want to DIY back home.

Ingredients used in the formulations of these amazing souvenirs include coconut oils extracted from the Amilla coconuts on the island, aloevera, as well as therapeutic herbs such as neem, lemongrass, mint, and aromatic flowers including jasmine‚ wild marigolds, and hibiscus. I didn’t know so many of these ingredients when blended together could make up something so useful and unique, and this is a definite recommendation for your trip at Amilla Maldives. Make it more than just a sun-basking holiday.