Oaga Art Resort Unveils Chapters 3 & 4: A Maldivian Odyssey of Luxury and Culture

Oaga Art Resort Unveils Chapters 3 & 4: A Maldivian Odyssey of Luxury and Culture

Tuesday 14th of November 2023

As the holiday season paints the Maldives in festive hues, Oaga Art Resort beckons travelers to immerse themselves in "A Moment In Time." Chapters 3 and 4 of this luxury saga unfold with the unveiling of Bodu Haruge Beach Villas and Odi Water Villas, offering an enchanting blend of cultural richness and indulgent comfort.

Unveiling Chapter 3: Bodu Haruge Beach Villa

Nestled on the pristine shores of the Maldives, the Bodu Haruge Beach Villas transport guests into the heart of the island's rich heritage. Inspired by the traditional boatyards, these villas exude the charm of a bygone era when the Maldives was a kingdom in harmony with nature. The hand-painted mural pool, the largest in a beach villa at Oaga, invites you to create your own chapter of a memorable stay.

Unveiling Chapter 4: Odi Water Villa

"Sail to serenity where luxury floats on crystalline waters" is the promise of Odi Water Villas. Paying homage to the legends of the Maldives' first settlers, these villas merge opulence with ancient island royalty. With gold accents, modern amenities, sunbeds, a hammock area, and a standalone tub, the Odi Water Villa promises a regal experience. The resort even adds a touch of thrill with a huge slide for a playful entry into your vacation.

Festive Celebrations Beyond Imagination

Oaga Art Resort transforms into a haven of holiday cheer, inviting guests to revel in the magic of Christmas and the anticipation of the New Year. The festivities commence with the lighting of the Christmas tree, leading to a Maldivian-style gingerbread display and a Christmas market. Guests can enjoy festive feasts and brunches, with Santa making a special appearance. As 2024 dawns, a festive DJ sets the tone for the New Year.

The celebrations are not limited to adults; Oaga Art Resort has curated various activities for children, including themed movie nights and workshops. It's a perfect family getaway with entertainment for every age group.

International and local artists, including Dupa Trio, Affan, and the Harubee Boduberu group, add a symphony of culture, music, and celebration to make this festive season truly unforgettable.

Book Your "Moment in Time"

For those seeking an all-inclusive holiday, Oaga Art Resort's Greatest All-Inclusive plan goes beyond the ordinary. From art classes to music experiences, in-villa dining to floating meals, and a range of excursions and watersports, it redefines the limits of all-inclusive luxury.

This festive season, Oaga Art Resort invites you to celebrate "A Moment In Time" and create stories that will linger in your heart. Visit the website (www.oagaresorts.com) to book your stay and indulge in luxury, beach holidays, and artistic experiences in the Maldives. Don't miss out on the magic!