Pulse Hotels & Resorts Spearheads Lifesaving Blood Drive Across Maldives Resorts

Pulse Hotels & Resorts Spearheads Lifesaving Blood Drive Across Maldives Resorts

Tuesday 14th of November 2023

In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, Pulse Hotels & Resorts, an innovative hospitality development company in the Maldives, has successfully organized a significant blood drive across its three renowned resorts: Kandima Maldives, The Nautilus Maldives, and Nova Maldives. This crucial initiative, undertaken at the beginning of November, brought together the company's staff in a powerful community response to the pressing need for blood donations in the Maldives.

At the forefront of this initiative is the battle against thalassemia, a prevalent genetic blood disorder affecting over 18% of Maldivians who carry the thalassemia trait. With one in six Maldivians affected by this condition, Pulse Hotels & Resorts' blood drive represents a pivotal step in ensuring an ample and accessible blood supply to treat individuals grappling with thalassemia.

Thalassemia, characterized by insufficient haemoglobin production in the body, necessitates regular blood transfusions for many patients throughout their lives. These transfusions are vital for their survival and well-being, underscoring the critical importance of maintaining robust blood reserves.

Althaf Mohamed Ali, Chief Operating Officer at Pulse Hotels & Resorts, expressed pride in the company's contribution to the community, stating, "By hosting this blood drive, we are not only aiding those with thalassemia but also elevating awareness about the importance of regular blood donations."

Through the concerted efforts of its diverse team members, Pulse Hotels & Resorts successfully collected over 150 bags of blood. This achievement not only provides a substantial boost to the national blood bank but also serves as a lifeline for those affected by thalassemia and other medical emergencies.

"This is more than a corporate social responsibility activity; it's about being part of a larger cause that has the power to change lives," added Althaf Mohamed Ali, highlighting the company's commitment to making a meaningful impact.

The blood drive is just one facet of Pulse Hotels & Resorts' enduring dedication to corporate responsibility, reflecting the compassionate ethos that the company embodies. It also extends an invitation to others in the hospitality industry and beyond to engage in similar initiatives that can bring about significant positive change.

The success of the blood drive across the Pulse Hotels & Resorts properties stands as a testament to the potency of collective action in addressing health challenges and supporting the well-being of the Maldivian people.

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