OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi Serves As Final Stop For First Person To Visit Every Country Without Flying

OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi Serves As Final Stop For First Person To Visit Every Country Without Flying

Wednesday 31st of May 2023

OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi has welcomed Danish traveller and adventurer, Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) who became the first person to visit every single country in the world without air travel. The project called Once Upon A Saga took him 10 years to complete as he travelled through Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific in a single unbroken journey via car, bus, train, boat and even on foot.

As his final destination, Thor arrived in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean onboard a container ship concluding his visit to all 203 countries in the world. He is set to return to Denmark after a short stay without flying, of course, and is currently reposing and celebrating at the luxury property of OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi along with his close supporters.

Speaking on his tremendous accomplishment, Thor commented, “Once Upon A Saga has been the most incredible adventure. Having said that, I am absolutely ecstatic that it has now been successfully concluded – and I am absolutely exhausted too! I set out to visit every country in the world without flying because no one had ever done it before. I used to work in logistics and thought it would be a fun way to use my skills. I like a challenge, but I can safely say this has been the biggest logistical challenge I have ever come across.”

The original duration of the project was to last four years, however, ended up taking much longer due to unprecedented problems such as visa issues, political unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic. The latter kept him in Hongkong for two years when there were only a few countries left to visit. During his time in Hongkong, he married his long-time girlfriend Le who visited him 26 times during his project and is now in the Maldives to welcome him.

Thor shares, “I am deeply grateful to all the people who have assisted me in whichever way throughout the journey – my family, friends, strangers who became friends, people who contributed and companies that provided help, including OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi for the final stop and most importantly, my wife Le.”

Through this project, he aimed to promote peace, understanding and cultural exchange between various countries and exhibit the remarkable beauty and diversity of the world. Moreover, he worked to create awareness of global problems like poverty, inequality and climate change by collaborating with the International Red Cross. Thor’s project was financed through his own funds, sponsorship by energy companies Ross Energy and GEOOP and some crowdfunding. He was also supported by several shipping companies throughout the duration as well.

OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi is a property under the Atmosphere Core portfolio. The vibrant island getaway is easily accessible and prides itself in bringing a playful design with invigorating activities and where free-spirited Maldivian holidays can be crafted by modern travellers whether they are travelling as a couple, family or friends.