Please Teleport Me to Soneva Jani!

Please Teleport Me to Soneva Jani!

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Please Teleport Me to Soneva Jani!

Soneva Jani is the ultimate luxury resort that offers uninterrupted ocean views and where you literally get that unique castaway experience. With the immense luxury mesmerizing your brain, you fall into a state of complete ecstasy – one that you find no escape in.

The beautifully designed villas are no disturbance for nature, but are rather just an accessory in which travellers can make themselves home at so that they can watch the beauty of Mother Nature, proudly boasting her azure crystalline oceans and pristine white sands before your eyes.

Longing to come to Soneva Jani? If only there was a teleport machine, right? But it is alright, even though, hopefully in the future, we will look forward to having a teleport machine, for now, there is actually something for you to just stay at home and have a look around at the resort.

Take a  360- degree virtual tour around the resort and explore its rooms and restaurants, so that when you go there, your Soneva smartness unveils as you get a strong sense of direction in the resort. Although, experiencing something is completely different from seeing something, the virtual tour is just the best alternative that you can ever get right now for the resort.

Not to ache your stuck-up-at-home soul even more, but do you know what are the best parts of Soneva Jani? One is their food and the second is the experiences that they offer.

You definitely do not want to miss out on even one single of the resort’s dining destinations and experiences available at Soneva Jani and on the untouched islands surrounding it. With food that melts in your mouth with immense flavours bursting out from it with every bite, you enter into the food paradise in paradise. And for experiences, this resort has some of the most breathtaking experiences on the blue waters, that you are bound to remember for a lifetime!

An experience at Soneva Jani will definitely become a moment in your life that you can never forget!

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