Real Madrid’s offer to Manchester City-Pointless?

Real Madrid’s offer to Manchester City-Pointless?

Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Real Madrid’s offer to Manchester City- Pointless?

2 days ago, it occurred that Real Madrid is ready to offer 70 million pounds AND the Welsh winger, Gareth Bale for the new ‘unreachable star’ of Manchester City, Raheem Sterling. 

Manchester City has shown no interest in the deal and this takes us by no surprise as the 23 years old champ has become an essential part of the team. The manager, Pep Guardiola is not keen to have Bale in the team and he definitely does not want to swap Sterling for the 30-year-old player, who Guardiola believes is past his best.

With 3 years left in his contract with Manchester City, Sterling says that he is happy in the team. “I love it here. This is one of the best clubs in the world and I'm here for the long haul,” he says. This being the case, we cannot be sure whether this transfer is ever going to take place and Zidane might have to return with a figure close to the world record (198 Million pounds for Neymar Jr by PSG).