Staying Fit on Vacations- 5 Top Tricks

Staying Fit on Vacations- 5 Top Tricks

Saturday 25th of January 2020

Staying Fit on Vacations- 5 Top Tricks

It is a challenge to maintain your healthy routine while on a luxury vacation. Dubai-based fitness and health expert Amy Jean Fox has revealed five top tips for going on holidays and still staying in shape.

1. Work out first thing in the morning

"Our favorite holiday hack is to get our training done at sunrise and keep our activities fun! If a hard core workout on the beach is not your idea of fun then maybe a hike, stand up paddle board or a run along the white sandy beaches will tickle your fancy.”

2. Get your workout inspiration from social media

“If you’re not confident or comfortable enough to make up your own workouts then the ‘save’ option on Instagram needs to become your best buddy. Not only will this give you exercise routines but more than likely a little motivation too!"

3. Fill up with healthy food before indulging at breakfast

"Our go-to is always a spinach omelet, with a side of fresh local fruit. If you’re in the mood for something extra sweet, the gluten free options are always the best."

4. Stay hydrated

“It is absolutely imperative to keep your water intake high, just as you would on a regular day at home. Not only will you feel better for it, but it will also help flush out your kidneys, regulate your body temperature and will help keep your digestive system working optimally. If you can get your hands on some coconut water, sip away, Jose!”

5. Pack your snacks!

"We never leave home without making sure we have our favorite healthy treats with us on holiday. It helps minimize the chances of a crisp and chocolate-filled holiday. Don’t get me wrong – an ice cream won’t kill you and by all means go for it, but you’ll thank us for this one later.”