The Sky Is The Limit At Kandima Maldives With Unique Sky-Diving Opportunities!

The Sky Is The Limit At Kandima Maldives With Unique Sky-Diving Opportunities!

Monday 22nd of August 2022

During a plan ride in the Maldives, the window seat of the flight is a coveted position by all passengers. Not only does the window seat provide direct access to the outside, it also displays the remarkable geographical distribution of the Maldivian islands and atolls. The scattering of white coral islands in an almost round manner, rather resembles a pearl necklace from so high up in the sky. Now Kandima Maldives is bringing a more unique way to experience this moment, with the thrilling prospect of sky-diving into the beautiful blues below.

Make your dream vacay even more slay by ticking off another item from your bucket list, this time sky-diving! With Kandima’s exciting skydiving programme operated by Skydive Maldives the most exhilarating experience awaits at the drop zone of the island resort. Fall from 12,000ft above sea level with an incredible speed of 200km/hr, giving yourself an-adrenaline rush with this novel experience. Once your parachute is open, the speeds will slow down allowing you to enjoy and take in the panoramic views of the beautiful Maldives as you slowly edge towards your safe landing in the shores of Kandima Maldives.

This experience can be enjoyed by all from professional skydivers to adventure aficionadas as well as newbies just trying their hand at sky-diving for the first time in their lives. All dives will be conducted with an experienced instructor securely harnessed to our bold adventurers. Guests taking on this experience can also opt to film their time on footage, to take home the visual souvenir of their irreplaceable memoirs from the Maldives.

For pros tackling this extreme sport, Skydive Maldives offer two other grappling options; the chance to soar the skies in solo or with your gang! To be able to take on these compelling offers, interested guests must meet all requirements. This includes having completed 200 jumps in the past with the most recent one minimum one month prior to the dive in Kandima. The skydiver should also have a B grade license in watercourse and an updated logbook signed and stamped by a certified skydiver. In addition to this, they must also have third-party insurance to take part in this offer.

So grab your jumpsuit and goggles, board the aircraft and hit the skies with Kandima’s unique skydiving opportunity, here to make your vacation standout even more than before.