Tread Lightly With Hurawalhi Maldives On An Eco-Conscious Journey

Tread Lightly With Hurawalhi Maldives On An Eco-Conscious Journey

Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

The white strips of land dotted with lush green vegetation and surrounded by rings of blue are recognized for one thing- their splendid natural beauty. The pearls of the Indian Ocean are celebrated for numerous things but the scenic landscape contributes tremendously to our reputation. As such, the needs to conserve the delicate ecosystems of this pristine destination are even higher, with drastic changes in the environment posing devastating effects on the natural beauty.

Owing to this, many resorts in the Maldives are now leading the way in sustainable tourism and promoting eco-conscious holidays. One such notable name in the pool is Hurawalhi Maldives with a series of sustainability initiatives ongoing at the luxury resort. Have a look into how the idyllic resort has been going green on its shores.

Solar-Panel Roof Tops

The strategic positioning of the resort to the North of the Equator means it is of great advantage to make use of the Sun throughout the year. Naturally, this makes it ideal for the resort to tap into the infinite reservoir of renewable energy, generating clean energy at Hurawalhi.

2735 solar panels are installed at the resort on roofs of the main jetty, the walkway to the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant and on top of 7 buildings, contributing 30% to the resort’s total consumption. These high-efficiency solar panels help power the resort for 11 hours a day and drive the energy requirements of the resort. Moreover, it also adds an aesthetic element to Hurawalhi, with the solar panels casting beautiful shadows on its locations, an eye candy for guests.

Heat Recovery System

Hurawalhi cleverly caters to its hot water requirements by utilizing a high-efficiency heat recovery system. Through this, waste heat transferred from the generators is productively converted into electrical energy which is fed into the showers, paving guests to have sustainable hot showers at the resort. A convenient yet efficient solution, the heat recovery system helps to reduce 804kg of emissions every day!

Smart In-Villa Systems & Wooden Amenities

At Hurawalhi, energy conservation practices are supported with technology that helps guests guide an energy-conscious stay. The villas are equipped with inverter air-conditioners that consistently regulate temperature while the doors are fitted with sensors that switch the unit on/off. Together these smart systems help to save 1487kf of emissions daily.

The amenities available at the villa also promote a sustainable lifestyle with wooden combs, toothbrushes and shavers available as toiletries. Even the key cards used for accessing the villa are made of wood.

Sustainable dining

The eat well, live well philosophy at Hurawalhi is further cemented by sustainability in food. A wide variety of produce is grown in the hydroponic greenhouse and open areas of the resort through which guests are guaranteed organic and nature-friendly nutrition during their meals.

The resort is also home to a cutting-edge composting machine that is capable of recycling 60% of the organic waste produced at the resort, which comes primarily from the kitchen and restaurants.

Through all these initiatives, Hurawalhi Maldives remains headfast in sustainable tourism with many enlightening experiences for guests to make their stays more worthwhile and eco-conscious.