Wellness & Fitness Expert Domingos Folgado Returns To Vakkaru Maldives With New Programme

Wellness & Fitness Expert Domingos Folgado Returns To Vakkaru Maldives With New Programme

Saturday 25th of February 2023

World-renowned wellness consultant and personal trainer, Domingos Folgado is making a return to the timeless sanctuary of Vakkaru Maldives for a second residency from 23rd March to 18th April 2023. His stay would span over Easter and Spring break, giving Vakkaru’s loyal repeat guests and new guests a chance to explore the exceptional treatments and personal training sessions for which Domingos is highly regarded for.

Hailing from Portugal, Domingos is a graduate of the Instituto Medico Naturista de Lisboa. With a defining track of titles to his name including wellness consultant, therapist, acupuncture expert and qualified personal trainer, Domingo’s extensive skill set has landed him a remarkable black book of high-end clientele including acclaimed celebrities.

Domingos Folgado

With more than two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Domingos has expanded his expertise in a number of disciplines such as naturopathy, therapeutic massage, sports techniques and KORE therapy. He uses his diverse knowledge to design bespoke treatments that are tailored to each client’s preferences and individual needs, a highly valued service by guests.

During his residency at the resort, Domingos will introduce a new holistic programme including five treatments that are in line with current wellness trends and guest demands. The five featured treatments are:

Wellness Massage

Using premium aromatherapy oils and ancient techniques, this massage will sweep guests from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, deeply healing the mind, body and soul.

Muscle Release Massage

Tailored to guest preferences, this treatment makes use of warm aromatherapy oils and deep tissue techniques to relax muscles, drain the lymphatic system, increase circulation, and improve energy levels. Uplifting the massage further is a healing music playlist that soothes the brain.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A therapeutic massage that involves salt stones, this treatment is designed to decrease stress levels and increase relaxation, which coincidentally leads to lower anxiety and deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

Mind Body Massage

A dynamic massage therapy that utilizes cranial balance, trigger point therapy, breathwork and vagus nerve stimulation as well as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to address a number of pains. With this therapy, guests can alleviate frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, neck pain and facial paralysis among other ailments.

European Swedish Massage

Curated to invigorate the body and promote better holistic health, this treatment is suitable for relieving aches and pains or even for a blissful time relaxing. Techniques such as percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling form part of the treatment, sending guests into a state of deep rejuvenation.

Besides these five therapies, Domingos will be offering his signature treatments including the famed Amno Fu and Gua Sha Facial. Moreover, guests can also consult him for personal training sessions for weight loss, gaining strength, core conditioning, muscle toning, increasing flexibility and postural analysis during his residency. In celebration of Domingo’s return to Vakkaru Maldives, the resort is providing guests with a 20% discount on their bookings if they pre-book any treatment or personal training programme before 15 March 2023.