Where Dining is an Adventure – Amilla Maldives

Where Dining is an Adventure – Amilla Maldives

Wednesday 29th of July 2020

Where Dining is an Adventure – Amilla Maldives

At Amilla Maldives, culinary experiences are taken to a new level. The temporary shutdown of the resort kept Amilla Islanders have been busy making a host of useful, quirky, and playful additions to the island, including relocating the main bar of the island and creating a new café where guests will be able to find something to delight and nourish them.

Baa Baa Bar is now on the western side of the island where as many guests requested, they can now watch the sun go down while they dip into the ocean with sandy toes. One of the highlights at the bar is the Sunset Hour Martinis every Saturday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Guests at the bar can enjoy Fine wines, probiotic sodas, teas, and premium beers complete at Baa Baa Bar’s beverage line-up. Make it more exciting to even join a cocktail masterclass learn how to make some cocktails at home for themselves. Nigh-owls worry not, because the bar has an enticing post-dinner menu to suit every mood.


Chill’d café’ is among one of the most exciting projects of the renovation at Amilla Maldives. Chill’d is – as the name suggests – a laid-back and breezy affair by the main pool. The pavilion is open on three sides so guests can admire the tropical views in practically every direction. Guests can kick back and relax at Chill’d whilst digging their toes into the traditional Maldivian sand floor or take their order with them to enjoy meters away on the beach.


The menu has been carefully crafted to nourish guests’ bodies, minds, and souls as well as to showcase some highlights of Amilla’s pioneering Wellness Your Way (WYW) concept. Guests with any kind of eating lifestyle can easily find abundance of cuisine and drinks they can enjoy from. The café also champions Amilla’s Homegrown@Amilla and Homemade@Amilla programs, which strive to grow and create the freshest of ingredients right there on the island.


For Amilla, the definition of contemporary luxury hospitality has to include catering to the wellness and dietary demands of today’s guests. The Islanders have now created an even more sustainable and healthy addition for the island, guided by their ethos of conscious luxury, bespoke service, and playful experiences.