An Unforgettable Atlantis Themes Coral Tree Plantation at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO

An Unforgettable Atlantis Themes Coral Tree Plantation at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO

Sunday 9th of January 2022

A unique and hopefully timeless celebration hosted by resident Marine Biologist Oshin Joanna Christopher took place on 7 January 2022, on Orthodox Christmas Day, at the Watersports Centre Beach as a part of the festive celebrations. Kids and adults got together to plant baby corals with the hope that they grow into resilient reefs for the future – making for an inspiring start to the year.

As music and festivities played in the background, in the lively atmosphere guests attached coral pieces to a metal tree frame built from recycled material. After which, the diving team submerged the tree at the coral nursery behind M6m underwater restaurant. All participants received a special certificate to mark the event.

Henar Gil Rios, the General Manager of OZEN LIFE MAADHOO, says “We are deeply committed to the coral restoration program. It is not just the marine conservation efforts. We also incorporate sustainable practices into all operations, ranging from procurement to solar energy. OZEN LIFE MAADHOO is also certified by Green Globe, an international standard for sustainable tourism.”

Species of coral which are resistant to warming ocean temperatures such as Acropora, Porites and Pocillopora, are rescued and used for coral regeration. The loose coral fragments turned over by big fish which often drift onto the beach or to spots where they cannot grow any longer are collected by the restoration team. They are dubbed as ‘corals of opportunity’.

Oshin Christopher has a futuristic vision – of regenerating the coral reef by growing ‘corals of the future.’ These corals will be able to fight the challenges of global warming.

The team selects suitable spots in the lagoon where corals can thrive. Oshin says, “Our nurseries have ‘super corals’ and ‘reef-building corals’ that have withstood the bleaching events of 2016 naturally. We are using their resilient genetics to grow more resilient corals. Soon, we will add a concrete block reef near the spa beach to create a refuge for local fish species. Eventually, the fish will accept these blocks to be a part of the reef.”

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