Emirates Commemorates Oktoberfest With Bavarian Treats

Emirates Commemorates Oktoberfest With Bavarian Treats

Sunday 18th of September 2022

To mark the world-famous German festival, Oktoberfest, Emirates announced that they will be celebrating in style by serving Bavarian treats on flights to Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt as well as the airline’s lounges. The special treats will be served between 17th September and 2nd October and caters for the airline’s diverse customer base.

Many similar cultural occasions are commemorated on-board the airline including Diwali, Christmas and Lunar New Year. This time around, the German festival of Oktoberfest will be celebrated by delighting passengers with sumptuous courses of traditional German delicacies and desserts in all three cabins of Economy, Business and First Class.

In addition to this, passenger onboard the A380 lounge can enjoy iconic bistro bites while customers relaxing in the airport lounges will be offered a wide array of mouthwatering classic Oktoberfest dishes. Savour the flavours of veal Weisswurst with parsley and mustard or indulge in a bite of Obazda and pretzel or dig into the German version of Mac & Cheese, Käsepätzle accompanied by a classic potato salad.

Passengers flying aboard Economy can embark on a gastronomical journey with roasted chicken and paprika served alongside creamy mustard sauce, potato wedges and braised red cabbage. A delicious dessert of Bienenstich will add a new level to the refined palates.

In Business and First Class, passengers can feast on braised veal shank, roasted seasonal vegetables and moreish bread dumplings. In First Class, Dampfnudel is served for dessert – a traditional sweet, steamed bun with a caramelised bottom and soft pillowy top, drizzled with vanilla sauce and whipped cream.

Apart from the main courses, other succulent Oktoberfest snacks will available on board including Leberwurst, Australian roll with Emmental cheese and gherkin and of course, the German favourite Pretzels! Before leaving the flight, passengers will be given a parting gift of gingerbread hearts, wrapped individually with love.