Find An Uplifting Experience in Furaveri Island Resort & Spa’s Wellness Village

Find An Uplifting Experience in Furaveri Island Resort & Spa’s Wellness Village

Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

People often describe Maldives as a destination to unplug, revive and reconnect with oneself. The picturesque views of the islands combined with the sea are undoubtedly mesmerizing however, the real secret to ultimate relaxation lies in numerous spa journeys offered by many resorts. One such spa that is renowned to awaken the soul is the Wellness Village at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa.

Modelled after a local village concept, the Wellness Village incorporates traditional Asian holistic health care into its experiences, ensuring guests can find balance in body, mind and spirit during their time in the Maldives. Venturing into the Wellness Village will leave you in the midst of invigorating scents and a range of contemporary facilities set in a rustic wooden & bamboo interior.

The holistic wellness journeys are centered around three main elements; the Body, Mind and Spirit and tap into how the three philosophies integrate to make you whole as a person. These three elements are pursued in the Wellness Village in three forms; through Sport, Yoga & Mediation and Fitness. As such, guests can indulge in a multi-faceted journey ranging from Asian and traditional Maldivian treatments to healing Ayurvedic practices and healthy, nutritious cuisine.


The Signature Spa offers signature experiences curated in an authentic manner. The products used in spa treatments are organic and light, sourced from homegrown or naturally pure ingredients, providing guests with a tailored treatment with high-quality ingredients. The Yoga & Fitness classes are taken by professional trainers and are designed for the average skill level, allowing just about everyone to take the time to rejuvenate, relax and have a fun-filled time.

The Wellness Village also features a beauty salon, a fitness centre, hydrotherapy facilities and even a designated tennis and badminton court. So take the time to do what suits you best whether it is breaking a sweat, a pampering massage or a make-over to add that holiday glow to your travels.